Monday, 9 August 2010

No, I wasn't at the opening game

So the big kick-off has come and gone with an almost inevitable goal-less draw at Burton Albion.

I wasn't there.

As the 2000 travelling fans were nestled in the creaking East stand under grey clouds, I was taking photos of my kids riding donkeys* on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. While the faithful fans in yellow were tucking into Cornish pasties on the terraces, I was tucking into a Cornish pasty and 99 Flake Mr Whippy ice cream on the sand. Luckily I had my trusty iPhone with me to relay commentary to me via Tunein Radio, score and statistics updates via Sky Sports Football SC and the live insights of the guys at the game via Twitter.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a reception.

Thus I was transported back in time, to a place where the only possible way to discover how my team were doing was to listen to Radio 5 Live in the car. And they didn't even mention the score until the final score sports report. Frustrating yes, exciting hardly.

So tomorrow night's Carling Cup game is really the big kick-off for me - as it will be for many at the Kassam who didn't travel up to Burton.

I cannot tell you how the lads played or if the result was a fair one. All I can do is rate the Cornish pasty I had as 'excellent' and assess the £2 cost of each donkey ride as being 'good value-for-money'.

See you Tuesday night.

* Cuddles and Mini-Me - the names of the donkeys, not my kids.

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