Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10 days

A week is a long time in football so they say, so imagine the difference 10 whole days could make to the perceived fortunes of a club... Well now you don't have to imagine too hard because miracles of miracles, Oxford's wonderful run of 6 league defeats has been converted into a run of WDW including a big JPT comeback last night. Holy cow! Relegation candidates to promotion form in the blink of an eye! No more "Wilder out!" it's now Clarke and Worley in! We have some much needed physical presence at the back, and now in midfield with Whing and Chapman. And guile too, with Leven back adding creative weight alongside Chappers. Even Constable has got on the scoresheet after actually being given an opportunity. Joy! Perhaps we can now return to a state of sanity? Although I shall miss the gallows humour that was fleetingly generated behind the dug out as we went 1-2 down against AFC Wimbledon...

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