Friday, 29 March 2013

Cupboard is empty

The realists knew the season was up at HT in the Rotherham match. Chesterfield should have killed it for even the most optimistic Oxford fan, but it's taken a dull and dreary 1-1 with Morecambe to finally convince the last bastion of hardcore Wilder support that the play-offs have gone for another year: 1 point from the last 9 is relegation form, not promotion form, and we are getting further from the final play-off position each week.

In all probability we will end up in pretty much the same position as last season. In other words we have stagnated under Wilder. Oxford have not made a single step forward since our return to the Football League, and in fact, in terms of fan-followings, momentum, player confidence and squad stability, we are now behind where we were after our Wembley BSP play-off win.

It's time to rebuild, without Wilder, and grasp the opportunity of the mass player contract expirations.

I'd retain only Clarke, Batt, Wright & Whing as essentials. The rest can be sacrificed to the wages altar and replaced by better players - hopefully hand picked by a decent manager who can take us forward.

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